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What makes this different from other travel tours?

This is family.  Literally.  You will be with our MoroccAmerican family, traveling with locals, eating home cooked meals from mom, hanging out with us in sweet local spots, as opposed to the same ole, same ole tourist spots, although we will hit the important ones, because, yeah, there’s a reason everyone goes to see the big stuff, but not everyone gets to go hang with "regular folks," and that's where the fun begins.

In addition to being able to travel outside of the typical tourist bubble, our road trips are intentionally designed to enhance the personal growth, introspection, and mind expansion that travel already embodies.  


You will be provided with an exclusive playlist in advance of your trip.  Your selector is a lifelong musician and former booking agent at the longest running world music venue in the US.  Music has the power to put you in a new frame of mind, if you allow yourself to “travel without moving.” 


On the road trip, there will be chances to make art and write, with selected readings and writing prompts, if you are so inclined.  After booking, you will receive an invitation to a travelers only group on Facebook where you can get to know the group and other fun stuff.


A questionnaire will be provided to you to fill out in advance of your road trip.  You are welcome to share as little or as much with us about where you are in your life as you desire.  Our goal is to facilitate the experience that you need.  If you are healing from something, deciding something, working through something… we are here for you.  If you want a personal coaching session with Maaike, that can be arranged.


Where will our wandering take us?

Most tours in Morocco focus around one geographic point or activity type.  Our itinerary goal is to give you an opportunity to explore several cities, the desert, the mountains, and the beach.  We will begin in Fes, spend 2 nights in Chefchaouen, pop through Casablanca, head south to the beach near Essaouira for watersports and grilling, hike through Paradise Valley, enjoy an overnight excursion into the desert by camel, and dig into the beautiful gardens and exotic markets of Marrakesh to wrap up. A detailed itinerary will be sent to registered participants.  For flights, you will want to fly into Fes and out of Marrakesh.  

WE WILL HELP YOU BOOK THE BEST FLIGHTS, if you desire.  Najib is a discount flight finding ninja.


What can I expect in terms of food?

Most of the food provided on the road trip will be prepared by Mama Saadia.  She is a master of Moroccan cuisine and everything she makes whips the pants off of what the restaurants provide.  There will also be some meals out that are included in your package, like Rick’s Cafe in Casablanca.  What fun! Moroccan cuisine is praised the world over for it’s exquisite use of spices (not spicy hot, spicy flavorful) and fresh ingredients.  Couscous and everything grilled or cooked in tajine are definitely happening...

If you have dietary concerns, please let us know.  We will do our best to accommodate everyone, but for the most part Moroccan meals are family style so there may be times that flexibility is called for.  There is a proliferation of amazing organic local fresh fruit, veg, nuts, dates, and figs that will always be on the tea table, so no one need go hungry.  If you need to shop for something specific, we will take you to find it.

hot, spicy flavorful) and fresh ingredients.  


What else should I know?

Registered participants will receive a welcome letter that includes best practices for clothing, customs, and anything else that we think you would want to know in order to be your best self while traveling in a new country.  We know it can be nerve wracking trying to learn unfamiliar etiquette.  We will try to ease as much of that as we can with great information and communication. If you have a concern that isn’t addressed, PLEASE ask.  

No question is silly or too small.

We will be staying in Riads for the most part.  These are mini-palaces that typically have several suites and then Moroccan style salons that have huge banks of couches on three walls.  What this means in practical terms is that we will share beds and rooms, or you can find a cosy spot in a salon or sitting nook if you prefer.  We won’t stay longer than a night or two in any one place, so lots of chances to bunk with different members of the group.  

This is Morocco.  

While we will have everything planned, reserved, and arranged in advance, if we wake up and there isn’t hot water in the shower, or a bus breaks down, or life happens… we need to be prepared to roll with it.  That being said, we will get where we are headed one way or another, and THAT is the adventure!

Who are my hosts?

Najib & Maaike

(Yes, we will teach you how to pronounce these)


Mama Saadia


Ben "The Flash" MacGuffin


Lady J AKA
Future POTUS

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