While washing your hands with soap & water for 20+ seconds is the VERY BEST WAY to kill germs, including the current Covid-19 virus, there are times when we just don't have the means available.  In those instances, hand sanitizer is a great way to bridge the gap until we can make it to a sink & some good suds.  
We are fortunate to be connected with a local, licensed, legal producer of hand sanitizer.  Compounding pharmacists are currently being allowed by the FDA to produce hand santitizer to meet current demand.  This is important, because one of the main ingredients in hand sanitizer is high purity ethyl alcohol, which needs to be handled in a specific and careful way.  While this is not normally the kind of product that WE manufacture, we recognize the current needs and are happy to endorse & distribute this product from a trusted source.  These bottles are FOUR OUNCES EACH.
Be mindful that alcohol will dry your hands out with repeated use.  We recommend using hand sanitizer as sparingly as possible, and coupling it with a good moisturizer, like our body butter.  
Wash your hands with good, MOISTURIZING soap with natural, clean ingredients, like ours, when needed, as a primary defense.  Virtual hugs & well wishes to everyone.

We now have a steady supply available.  Order up to 10 units here.  

More than 10 units, please contact us and we will arrange an order for you, no problem.

Hand Sanitizer


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