The quintessential fresh & minty mint that has made Moroccan tea famous the world In a bar! All shampoo bars are also fantastic for use on body. Even MORE moisturizing than our already rich body bars.


MINT MOROCCAINE is fabulously tingly on scalp & roots and feels lovely on most parts of the body.  Because people have varying levels of sensitivity, use with awareness on the tenders & lady bits for your own comfort. :-)

Mint Moroccaine

  • Moroccan Star Shampoo Bars are made for hair, but are fabulous for body as well.  To use, apply the bar directly to your head and rub around, focussing on your scalp and roots.  It will lather quickly and you can use the lather to work through the rest of your hair.  We recommend shampoo, rinse, repeat, for a total of 2 shampoos per session.  If you use conditioner, we recommend applying that just to the bottom 1/2 to 1/3 of your hair.  Or do whatever.  It's your hair. :-)

    If you are transitioning from a bottled shampoo, there may be a week to ten days of less than optimal hair near your scalp.  Not everyone experiences this, and it isn't terrible, just your hair sluffing off gunk, so there may be a feeling of stickiness or heaviness near your roots. 

    To solve this, rinse your hair with one part Apple Cider Vinegar to three parts water.  It does smell strong as heck in the shower, but rinses right away and leaves no scent on your hair.  If you are going through transition, you can use this rinse everytime you shampoo.  After the initial transition, we recommend this rinse no more than once a week.  If you use conditioner, use after this rinse.  See above for other recommendations about conditioner.

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