Contains 1 each of the following soaps that capture the essence of the Land of Enchantment:  

Blue Corn y Comunidad, Turquoise Trail, Biscochitos y Besitos, Laughing Horse Personal Retreat Bar, Desert Vanilla Berry, & Nueva Norteña. 
(See below for detailed descriptions of each soap)

This unique sensory adventure also includes 1 16 oz bag of Turquoise Trail Mineral Soak, & 1 each of our Viva Nuevo Mexico Fire Flight min-tins - Fall Chile Roaster, The Sage Serene, and Biscochitos y Besitos.  

This is the perfect gift for your loved one who loves New Mexico, or for yourself, if you are away & homesick.  

Comes beautifully wrapped with a personalized card, (put your desired message in the note field @ checkout,) and shipping is included within the US. (Enter promo code CarePackage @ checkout)

This unique Fire Flight captures 3 of the most quintessential scents of New Mexico.   We’ve harnessed these elusive fragrances & jarred them up to be gifted to friends & family, or simply to love up your hearth & home with the unique aromas of New Mexico.

Includes 1 min-tin each of:

Wild white sage & lavender are a fascinating herbal, earthy blend that springs to life in hot desert rains, rising up from the earth as nature pulls their essence up with moisture. 

If you are a lover of New Mexico, there is nothing quite so necessary as the fragrance of roasting green chile wafting on crisp autumn air.  If you haven’t experienced it, others will be hard pressed to accurately describe the unique allure, and yet, once it’s engrained in your memory, you will never forget it - heat, spice, smoke, hot metal, sweetness, char, and even the scents of the autumn air & red chile ristras hanging nearby become part of the melange.

Biscochitos are a traditional New Mexican cookie, typically prepared around the holidays.  Anise, cinnamon, vanilla, orange, and other spices create a warm, festive buttery/sweet scent.  Besitos are little kisses. 

Our mini-tins are tiny long burning all-natural coco/soy blend beasts @ 12-13 hours of burn time (yes, we tested & timed it 😅)  in a sweet 2oz package.

What could be better than a hot soak chalk-full of mineral rich salts and other goodies?  Our Turquoise Trail Mineral Soak is a treat for the senses with it's striking color that fizzes as it hits the water, enchanting scent of Sage & Piñon, and lightly moisturizing rice bran oil.  

Epsom salt, dead sea salt, bentonite clay, kelp powder and sodium bicarbonate detoxify and rebalance your body's mineral levels, providing a deep level of self-care.

Served in a 16oz re-sealable bag, you can indulge yourself 8-10 times with this home spa treatment depending on your taste and whether or not you want to soak your whole self or just your toesies.

Lavender & Piñon.  As north valley as north valley gets.  Lavender buds pulverized throughout for exfoliating.  This is a fascinating scent with a distinct piñon front and a lavender after, all blended in our proprietary moisturizing blend of organic vegetable oils.

Blue Corn is a legacy crop of New Mexico, unusual, hearty, and vibrant in color and flavor, much like the warmth found in community here.  Blending the meal with a soft blue, produces a creamy, inviting hue, and invigorating exfoliant, while lemongrass and mint add depth to the fragrance of the bar.

Flying down the open road, windows down, heat and the scent of sage and pinon flowing through your hair as the colored sands and mesas of the desert free your soul.  Bring New Mexico home and back to life, at will, with Turquoise Trail, our quintessentially colored organic, vegan, pinon & sage scented soap.  Dusted with gold to remind you of the treasure you've found. 

Biscochitos are a traditional New Mexican cookie, typically prepared around the holidays.  Anise, cinnamon, vanilla, orange, and other spices create a warm and festive scent, captured in golden color with a "kiss" of pink, in our proprietary blend of vegan organic oils, as always, formulated to combat desert dryness.  Pulverised anise adds exfoliating power.

The very best B&B, ever, was in Taos, NM. The Laughing Horse Inn was around for ages and was the hang out spot for all the cool NM passers through. Georgia O'Keefe, Frida (would have and should have,) D.H. Lawrence, and such. Behind a coyote fence, a big sprawling hacienda built in many phases. Cozy loft rooms with beds build right up to the vigas, skylights right above you into the night sky, kiva fireplaces, saltillo tiles, adobe benches filled with mother-in-laws tongue lined a greenhouse walkway around the house wall. Amazing.One of the suites had a sauna and they would burn piñon in it and throw eucalyptus water in the steamer. Heaven on a winter night with giant snowflakes falling, running back and forth from that to the hot tub outside.I am so sad to say that The Laughing Horse Inn closed. 😓This soap? Smells like that sauna, tho. Fresh chopped rosemary from my mom's garden in the foothills of the Sandia mountains and a heady blend of several mints in goat's milk. Enchanting.

Like finding a blackberry patch in the high desert pines, the slightest hint of sage on the breeze. Blackberry, vanilla, & a hint of sage combine for a juicy & alluringly sweet ride.  All shampoo bars are also fantastic for use on body.  Even MORE moisturizing than our already rich body bars.

Route 66 Armchair Roadtrip - A Stay @ Home Adventure for Lovers of New Mexico


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