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Artistry Over Adversity

I’ve been working on our website this week.  We’re headed toward a BIG upgrade soon!  (More on that later)

As I’ve been reflecting on our journey and taking in feedback from many of you, a beautiful theme has emerged - community & solidarity.

Many of you have expressed that you support our business because of our values alignment and the trust you have in the quality of our products.  These days it’s so important to be sure that the things we bring into our homes and provide to ourselves and our loved ones to use in our personal hygiene are non-toxic and healthy.  There are so many hidden carcinogens that it can be scary.  

If you know my story or have watched our interview on NBC, you know that reading and researching the ingredients on my daughter’s baby wash was a horrifying revelation and the beginning of my path to making our own soaps and other goodies.

Modern day life and stress being what it is, self-care routines, stress relief and finding ways to create serenity in our homes and daily rituals are vital to our mental health as well.  

Obviously, we are sticklers on using only the best ingredients and ensuring everything we make is of the highest quality BECAUSE we are all out here trying to balance family, work, nutrition, personal goals, planning for the future and ALL THE THINGS.  

We also believe deeply that beauty and joy should be incorporated in these seemingly everyday items because we as humans need inspiration and “glimmers” to get through the rat race.

All of this got me thinking about the circular logic of what we’re doing here.  You, gentle reader, (if you don’t watch Bridgerton, ignore me) are a vital part of the circle.  You come and support our mission by buying the goodies, thereby fueling the machine that allows us to gain further financial independence for women leaving domestic violence.  WE support YOU with elevated self-care filled with the intention of sending love and soul nourishment to revitalize you to live your life, encouraged, uplifted and knowing you are connected and part of something bigger than yourself.  

Friends.  This is a POWERFUL cycle of transformation and renewal.  

All of these concepts have always been marinating in my heart but trying to figure out how to communicate it succinctly brought it more sharply in focus.  Our evolving motto started as “Love and Sunshine in every drop” when we were thinking the most about what we are trying to put into the world as we make things and morphed into “Surround the World with Love & Sunshine” as it became more of an invitation to all of you wonderful collaborators we have found along the way.  An invitation to spread this idea that kindness, shared, is transformative and one interaction at a time, one person at a time, one soap at a time, one little bitty min-tin at a time, we can use love and joy to bring light to each other.

I’m rambling but coming to the point.  

Yesterday the line - when we support each other; we heal the world - came to my mind.  It was actually “when women support each other; we heal the world” but we have so many lovely men and enby peoples too and I didn’t want to exclude anyone.  

I appreciate each and every one of you so much for being part of this cycle of support wherein we do these beautiful things for each other that are changing our corner of the world, a pinch at a time.  Thank you for being a part of this.

If you're here and have just been nibbling around the edges, I leave you with a list of words that embody the community and movement we are building and invite you to hop in the circle with us and spread love and sunshine TODAY!





















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