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Dear Visitor,
Strange times we find ourselves in, huh?  Welcome. We're glad you're here! 
The items on this page are in high demand due to COVID-19.  We do not manufacture them ourselves, but are committed to helping our community & fellow makers as much as we are able. If you have a really large order (over 20 units of any one item,) message us and we will co-ordinate a delivery for you, off-line, so we can retain an inventory here for others.
You may notice we have an unusual feature on this page.  Tips. 
We make soap.  Pretty amazing soap, actually.  Desert dryness fighting, organic, mostly vegan, free of nasty chemicals, NM True Certified, & hand-poured with love. 
We're all hearing a lot about washing our hands.  A LOT.  That's because hand washing is the most effective way to kill COVID-19. 
We invite you to buy some of our soap!

In the event that you aren't in the market for soap, candles, or ahhhh-mazing body butter, you may consider leaving a tip.  We are so happy to be busy making sure everyone has access to face masks that are well made, with quality materials, & hand sanitizer that is being produced LEGALLY, by a licensed Pharmacist.  We are very grateful to have work and to be serving the community, but also, bills.  

So... If you can't afford a tip, don't sweat it.  We want you to be safe & WELL, most of all.  You do not have to buy soap or leave a tip in order to buy face masks or hand sanitizer.  We know times are crazy hard right now.  By all means, order what you need.  If you happen to be able to spare a few bucks, maybe leave a tip or buy some soap! :-) 

We now have Curbside available as an option @ checkout without a promo code being necessary.   Simply choose local pick up in the shipping options field.  Some browsers do require you to put in your address before offering the shipping options, but it IS there. 
Please be mindful that promo BurqueDelivery is for orders totaling $30 or more, of products BESIDES masks or hand sanitizer, otherwise we end up spending out of our pockets to bring it to you.  Thanks for understanding. (Yes, of course we bring the whole order, whatever it might be.)

Thanks!  Everyone be safe & well! 
We're looking forward to seeing you in person soon!

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